Guitar Time

An beautiful and extensive iOS app to help you make the most of your daily guitar practice.

About Us

Hi! I'm Yaron Karasik, an indie iOS developer. I've been building apps for a while, and have shipped over 30 apps with partners, as an indie developer and for clients.

Guitar Time is an important passion project for me. I've been playing guitar for a while, and so many times I've picked up my guitar to practice for an hour and asked myself "What should I practice?" or "Which songs do I want to learn?" or "Which songs do I know how to play?". I've come across thousands of amazing lessons on YouTube, but when I actually have my guitar in my hand I never remember to actually dive into them.

Guitar Time aims to be the app that you open every time you want to practice. The app has an extensive exercise library that will help you become a better player by improving your guitar muscle memory and learning the fretboard, and the app allows you to easily keep track of all the songs and lessons you want to spend time learning and those you're already mastered.

I envision Guitar Time as a platform and have lots of ideas on new concepts to add to the app, and expand it in many interesting directions, so stay tuned for exciting updates down the road.

The app is 100% handcrafted by me, and I'm always open and eager to talk to users or potential collaborators to get feedback on how I can improve the app, add features or content you'd like to see and work together to spread the app. Please don't hesitate to contact me via email or on Twitter